Term and Conditions

  1. Introduction: This section covers the basic governance of website use, including user consent and minimum age requirements for using the website.
  2. User Responsibilities and Profiles: Users are required to provide accurate personal profiles and update them regularly. A disclaimer of liability for the behavior of other users is also included.
  3. Usage Rights and Restrictions: This involves specifying the rights of users to access and use the website, acceptable uses, limitations on the license to use the website, and conditions under which access may be suspended or restricted.
  4. Account Management: Details regarding registration, account eligibility, account misuse, and password confidentiality are addressed.
  5. Subscription and Payments: This covers the initiation of subscriptions, types of services offered, payment terms, and conditions related to cancellation and refunds.
  6. User Content and Conduct: Outlines the rules for the content users can post, including prohibitions against unlawful content and guidelines for civil interaction.
  7. Liabilities and Warranties: Details the website’s liabilities, any limitations on these liabilities, and the warranties provided by the website.
  8. Indemnification and Breaches: Users may need to indemnify the website under certain conditions, and consequences for breaching the terms are laid out.
  9. Intellectual Property Rights: This includes copyright notices and rules regarding the use of trademarks on the website.
  10. Legal Compliance and Jurisdiction: Addresses the law governing the terms and conditions, jurisdiction for legal disputes, and necessary statutory disclosures.
  11. Miscellaneous Provisions: This may include clauses on third-party websites, assignment of rights, severability of terms, and entire agreement clauses.
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